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We don't sell services, software or databases, we deliver buyers you can turn into profits.

In an industry flooded with talk and theory, we thrive on providing our clients with quality, measurable results that produce a positive return on investment.
Start Getting Leads Now

Who we are?

We're a group of marketers, sales professionals and software developers working out of California. We've been working on the performance marketing industry for over 12 years, developing strategies, tactics and technologies that enable us to provide high quality results to all our clients. Our funder, Javier Elenes, has been an Internet Marketer and Software Developer since 1998, way before Google, Facebook and Twitter became the established authorities on the Internet.


We're experts at developing tools necessary for taking advantage of social networks and advertising platforms.


We work every day to create effective marketing materials and tactics for both, online campaigns and our call center

Financial Effectiveness

We know how to work with margins and budgets and we thrive on optimization to provide returns on investment.

What we do?

Since its inception, MetriqMedia has been a performance marketing organization, we generate leads and buyers for our clients, We generate buyers. We do lots of marketing, generate databases, Rank websites in Google's first result pages for lots of niche relevant keywords, we buy tons of media and our telemarketers pitch a lot of services, but, we don't sell any of those things to your company, we give you only the results of our hard work.

We've developed a time-tested system that enables us to combine telemarketing, online advertising and content marketing, to attract ideal audiences, filter them out, qualify them at our call center and then deliver you only ideal, interested and ready-to-buy prospects that we can live-transfer to your closers.

How we do it?

At Metriq Media, we do everything over a technology platform that can automate our production, in combination with our marketing and sales expertise, we can generate leads at costs and quality that very few people can. We use a very detailed and time-tested 3 steps process to generate all our leads.


We set up ads on the most active platforms and direct all the responses to our call center.


Our call center receives the calls generated by our ads and then verify they are qualified prospects.


Once we qualify the prospects we live-transfer them to you so you can close sales and turn them into profits.